VIRAL: ‘Ugly house’ sold for a whopping $1.97 million

Ugly house, $1.97 million, San Francisco, auction

A San Francisco home without a bedroom, damaged floors, windows and a staircase that is on the brink of coming down was sold at an auction for a staggering amount of $1.97 million.

The pictures of the wore down house in the city was shared on the social media application Instagram. It is located in the Noe Valley neighbourhood and is dubbed as “The worst house on the best block”.

The 120-year-old property just has one kitchen and a bathroom. They are in bad shape as well.


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It stands along with homes worth millions of dollars. The agents said that new owners have the opportunity to make the house shine just like the others in the neighbourhood.

Here’s how social media reacted to it.

“I really want to see the renovation on this in the future,” a user wrote while the other said the house may shine and look amazing after its makeover is completed.

A third user: “It’s got a yard. That’s extremely rare.”

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The internet is full of stories about weird and even haunted houses.

Earlier, a man from England said that he is living in a house that reminded him of that in the horror movie named ‘The Conjuring’.

Marc Wahlberg, a 49-year-old painter who reportedly lives in Greater Manchester with his 26-year-old son Zachary, said that a series of incidents relating to supernatural phenomena have been taking place inside his home.

They believe that the situation is real and not like that in the horror flick.

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