Easy steps: How to change colour of WhatsApp keyboard

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The users of Meta-owned WhatsApp have an option to change the colour of the app’s keyboard, however, some of them are unaware of how to modify the colour of the keyboard.

Here are some easy steps to follow:


  1. Enter the app and go to any conversation
  2. Tap wheel or gear appearing on the keyboard and go to ‘Themes’
  3. After taping, the user will see a series of colours for the keyboard.
  4. Choose one and it is done.
  5. User can also put a photo or image.


Earlier, it was learnt that WhatsApp plans to bring a new update, introducing message reactions – or “Tapbacks” in Apple Messages parlance, giving users a quick and easy way to respond to a message.

With the introduction of the update, the Apple and iPhone users could respond to a message without typing out a lengthier text-based reply.

The latest images shared by WebBetaInfo give users a better idea of how they are likely to work.

Similar to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp users will see a row of emojis just above a message, although it’s not immediately clear from the pictures whether this is after a long press or the tap of a new button.

The six emoji currently present include thumbs up, heart, face with tears of joy, face with open mouth, crying face, and folded hands. When a reaction is chosen, it appears in a smaller profile below the message.

from ARY NEWS https://ift.tt/TylRpKM


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