VIRAL: Hungry bear opens car door twice to have corned beef sandwich

hungry bear, car door, viral video

A video showed a hungry bear opening a car door twice to have a taste of a corned beef sandwich from a Californian man having it in the vehicle.

The video went viral on social media that showed a family of hungry bears that intruded on a Californian man’s property and went on to open his car door twice to eat the corned beef sandwich.

Bill Duvall told ABC 7 that he was present in the car with his dog in Sierra Madre and on his lap sat a customary St. Patrick’s Day corned beef sandwich when the bear cubs approached the vehicle. They were reportedly dropping off their pet canine when they saw bears snooping around in the driveway.

Bill said, “I had just come back from the market, picking up some fresh corned beef. And, I drove up to my driveway and as soon as I started to open the door. Both of the cubs were coming down immediately.”

“The one cub must have been Irish. So it was probably looking for corned beef because it came right to the door.”



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