Ali Muhammad Khan opposes resignations from assembly

Ali Muhammad Khan, resignations

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Ali Muhammad Khan has opposed the resignations from the National Assembly (NA) in the current political situation, ARY News reported on Sunday.

While talking to ARY News programme Aiteraz Hai today, former PTI minister Ali Muhammad Khan said that he was firmly standing on his front like a soldier of his political party.

He said that the resignations from the assembly would be tantamount to giving more opportunities to the political rivals.

He claimed that 95 per cent of PTI lawmakers have similar thoughts for not leaving the ground empty for them. Khan said that they did not join hands with Imran Khan for ministries. He said that his personal opinion is against tendering resignations from the assembly.


He criticised the political alliance of the PTI rivals, saying that they gathered only against Imran Khan. He predicted that the political alliance of PTI rivals will be weakened soon after they fought with each.

Ali Muhammad Khan was of the view that only three to four influential persons will be contacted for a regime change. He added that the US has no right to do interference in the internal matters of Pakistan.

The politician said that the PTI has presented its case before the nation and everything is clear now.

He said that the issue of the threat letter should reach to a conclusive end through an investigation.


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