Imran Khan releases official logo for Azaadi March

Imran Khan, PTI, Logo, Azaadi March

Chairman PTI Imran Khan has released their official logo for its upcoming Azaadi March toward Islamabad in the last week of May.

Former Premier Imran Khan shared the logo over Twitter and wrote “یہ ہمارے آزادی مارچ کا نشان ہے! (This is the logo of our Azaadi March).”

The released logo comes with the words “Ghulami Namanzoor” which can be seen below the symbol of a fist in the logo. Imran Khan put the same logo as his Twitter display picture as well.

Also Read:Maryam accuses PTI of running country through ‘sorcery’ is to be noted that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman has announced that he will give a call for a march on the capital of Islamabad before May 20.

In a public demonstration in Jehlum on Tuesday, Imran Khan had claimed that not 2 but 2.5 million people will march toward Islamabad on his call.

In the public demonstration in Jehlum on Tuesday Chairman PTI said that Narendra Modi did not dare to speak against the Pakistan Army as long as he was in power. Only PTI and the Pakistan Army are keeping the country intact.



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