Viral: Kazakistan man saves toddler hanging from eighth-floor window


A Kazakistan man has been deemed a hero after saving a 3-year-old girl hanging from the 8th floor of a building. 

The little girl reportedly used pillows to climb up to the window but accidentally slipped and hang by the window. The little girl is said to be home alone in Kazakistan’s capital Nur-Sultan, as her mother was out shopping.

A big crowd gathered beneath the window as the hero man saved the 3-year-old girl.

The 37-year-old man named Sabit Shontakbaev was on his way to work with a friend when he saw the girl hanging from the window. He rushed to the flat below the girl’s apartment and climbed from the window underneath.

Talking to local media Sabit said ‘I did not have a safety harness so my friend held my legs.’

Sabit then climbed up and grabbed the girl by her legs and pulled her down before sending her back from the window under him.

He added he could not see her parents in the apartment.

he added, ‘Afterwards, I went straight to work with my friend. Nobody knew that this would happen.

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‘I just saved the child and left, and in the news and social networks, they suddenly began to call me a hero.

‘I do not consider my actions heroic.

‘To me, everyone should lend a helping hand in such situations.’



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