Viral Video: Is this the ball of the year?

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A video of a bowler’s vicious inswinging delivery to clean bowl the batsman is going viral across social media platforms.

 The viral video, shared by Fox Cricket on Facebook, sees the fast bowler bowling a delivery way outside off stump.

Fox Cricket asked the sport’s lovers whether it was the ball of the year.

The cherry swings in sharply and hits the off stump, sending the bail flying. The batsman looked dumbfounded over what happened as the bowler starts celebrating with his teammates.

Netizens were also baffled over what happened there. A netizen wrote that Test matches should be banned without green wickets while another stated that he bowls such deliveries in his dreams. 

A netizen said that the secret to bowling such deliveries is in the bowling action, adding that the player has a bright future.

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 There were netizens who jokingly came up with conspiracy. A Facebook user wrote that the bowler’s pockets should be checked for sandpaper while another claimed the ball was waxed for getting it to swing. 

The video reminds us of Pakistan all-rounder Anwar Ali’s match-winning five-wicket haul against India in the final of the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup back in 2006.

The Indian batting unit proved to be no match for the right-handed pacer with his swing. He took the wickets of Cheteshwar Pujawara, Rohit Sharma, Mayank Tehlan, Debabrata Das and Ravindra Jadeja.


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