Saulat Mirza case: Babar Ghauri faces new probe

Babar Ghauri, Saulat Mirza case, new probe, new JIT

ISLAMABAD: Progress has been made in Saulat Mirza case and a new investigation was launched against former Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Babar Ghauri, citing sources, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

Just after the announcement of Babar Ghauri’s return to Pakistan and his bail in two cases against him, a new probe has been launched against the former MQM senior leader in light of the statement recorded by the MQM’s target killer Saulat Mirza who had been hanged to death in Machh in May 2015.

Sources said that authorities have decided to form a new joint investigation team (JIT) and the next development regarding the JIT is likely to be witnessed soon.

It was also decided to file an appeal for the cancellation of bail.

Money laundering case

Ghauri is likely to be arrested at the airport as he is also facing a money laundering reference at an accountability court.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had lodged a money laundering case against Ghauri. Ex-Federal Minister For Ports and Shipping was staying in a foreign country since 2015.

‘Saulat Mirza, a new case’

Babar Ghauri said in a statement, “Pakistan is my country and I have decided to return home tomorrow. Two cases had been filed against me and I have secured bail. A new probe is being started against me in Saulat Mirza’s case.”

The MQM leader admitted that he knew Mirza but he has no other connection with him. “Mirza was an activist of MQM and we met on multiple occasions during public meetings.”

“The statement of Mirza’s wife should also be considered in which she told that someone forced Saulat for mentioning my name. My name was not mentioned in the previous JIT report.”

Ghauri said that “I had left MQM in 2017 and I am not associated with any political party. I am now a common Pakistani who can travel to the country without any political affiliation. I have friendships but their genre is not political.”

“It is not easy to stay away from my country for seven years. Some developments are recently witnessed and I have not decided yet to return to Pakistan.”

He announced that he will face all cases against him and expressed hopes that he will get justice.

Earlier, Ghauri approached the Sindh High Court (SHC) for bail in two cases.

Babar Ghauri’s lawyer said that whatever allegations and inquiries are made against his client, he is ready to return to the country to face the cases, and he should be given a security guarantee.

The Sindh High Court has granted security bail to the MQM stalwart for 2 weeks. The court has directed Babar Ghauri to submit two bonds of Rs.100,000.



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