Pakistan summons Canadian envoy over MP’s ‘irresponsible remarks’

Pakistan, Canada, Canadian envoy, MP, Tom Kmiec

ISLAMABAD: The Canadian high commissioner to Pakistan was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a strong démarche was served over an MP’s “irresponsible and undiplomatic” remarks, ARY News reported on Thursday.

According to details, Islamabad has lodged a strong diplomatic protest with Canada over a Member of Parliament Tom Kmiec’s ‘irresponsible’ remarks against Pakistan’s military leadership.

The diplomat was told that the recent statement against Pakistan by Canadian Member of Parliament Tom Kmiec was against diplomatic norms and highly irresponsible.

Earlier, this month, he participated in a walk organised for the rights of Sindhis. Together with Tariq Fatah, who is accused of maligning Pakistan globally, Tom is allegedly promoting Indian-backed terror groups in Sindh province of Pakistan, according to

Tom Kmiec is a Canadian parliamentarian for Calgary Shepard in the House of Commons. Last week, Tom Kmiec accused Pakistan of violating the rights of minorities including the people of Sindh.

He is accused of campaigning for groups hostile towards the state of Pakistan. He supported the solidarity of the Canadian public for the Ottawa-Freedom Walk for Sindh’s human rights, climate change, environmental justice, and love for nature reached, reported the EIN Newswires.



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