‘Family apologised to Ahsan Iqbal after threats were given’

Family, apologise, Ahsan Iqbal, threats, Shahbaz Gill

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Dr Shahbaz Gill has asserted that the family – who chanted slogans at Planning Minister and PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal – apologised after receiving threats, ARY News reported on Sunday.

According to details, Shahbaz Gul has sharply reacted to Ahsan Iqbal’s tweet that the family, who had heckled him at a restaurant in Sargodha’s Bhera earlier this week, had come to meet him and apologised for their actions.


Taking to Twitter, the PTI leader said that the state machinery was used to force the family to apologise to the Planning Minister.  Shahbaz Gill further said that the PML-N leader would still remain a ‘thief’ as the family was forced to apologise.

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In a tweet today, the minister shared that the family involved in the incident had expressed remorse and shame over their actions and apologised to him.


“I had already announced to forgo legal action against them. We are all Pakistanis and should not convert the right to disagree into hate. We have to maintain mutual respect,” Iqbal tweeted.

On July 8, a group of citizens chanted slogans at Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal at a renowned food outlet in Behra tehsil of Punjab’s Sargodha district.

As seen in the video going viral on social media, a group of citizens – including women and children – started chanting slogans of ‘chor chor [thief]’ upon seeing the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader at the food outlet.


from ARY NEWS https://ift.tt/LMlFzRi


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