Man burns down school after fiancee fails exam

man burns, man burns school, school,

A man from Egypt set a school on fire because his fiancee, a student there, failed an examination. 

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A report by The National News stated the 21-year-old set the control room of the school, located in Menoufia province, school’s control room ablaze after knowing she would fail her examination. 

According to the country’s prosecutor general, no one was killed or injured in the fire.

The man got arrested. The man told the police he feared pushing back his wedding just so his fiancee would have to repeat the school year.

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The school principal’s office and administration block were damaged. The students’ records got destroyed in the fire.

He allegedly fled from the crime scene to hide in his house. However, eyewitnesses told the police how he looked and where he lived.

Social media users were baffled that the man would take such steps for his wedding to happen on time.

The incident adds up to the list of arson incidents that have happened in separate churches in different parts of Egypt. 

Earlier, 41 people died and 14 were injured in a fire which erupted in Abu Seifein church in Giza.



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