Viral: Video of ‘strange animal’ leaves internet guessing

Strange animal, viral video

MUZAFFARPUR: A strange animal was spotted in Muzaffarpur district of India’s Bihar state which went viral on social media and left the netizens guessing.

The video showed a strange animal like a dog or mongoose snooping around an abandoned room and swiftly climbing on the wall rack.

Several people gathered there to see the strange animal whose slender body was also resembling a furless civet cat. However, nobody could ascertain the animal’s name as yet.

A user suggested that it was Peterbald, a cat breed of Russian origin. The netizen wrote, “The Peterbald is a cat breed of Russian origin. It was created in St Petersburg in 1994 from experimental breeding by Olga S. Mironova. They resemble Oriental Shorthairs with a hair-losing gene. The breed was accepted for Championship class competition in 2009.”




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