WATCH: India demolishes 100-metre-high Noida twin towers

India demolishes 100-metre-high Noida twin towers

Indian authorities demolished two illegally constructed skyscrapers in a wide plume of dust debris on Sunday near the capital New Delhi.

The Supertech twin towers in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida crashed down within a span of nearly nine seconds after the use of explosives.

Crowds watching the collapse from rooftops on nearby high-rise buildings cheered and clapped as the 103-metre (338-feet) tall towers collapsed from a controlled demolition and the dust enveloped the residential area.

The Supreme Court last year ordered the demolition of the towers in the Noida area after a long legal battle found they violated multiple building regulations and fire safety norms.

As soon as the twin towers were demolished, a huge cloud of dust was seen all around the buildings.


Several families moved to safety on Saturday, fearing heightened pollution and health hazards from the massive debris.

The video of the demolition has been making rounds on social media with dozens of people witnessing its structure collapse.



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