Death toll from floods in Sindh climbs to 405

KARACHI: With three more fatalities in the past 24 hours, the overall death toll from floods unleashed by torrential rains surged to 405 in the province since mid-June, according to the statistics issued by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority.

Shikarpur reported the most number of fatalities where at least 66 people lost their lives to flood-related incidents.

Out of the total number of deaths, 154 were men, 69 women and 160 children, revealed the statistics.

In addition to this, 1055 people suffered injuries in the flood-related incidents, the PDMA added.

The PDMA report stated that approximately 305,152 houses were completely destroyed while the infrastructure of 613,321 houses was damaged.

The unrelenting spell of the monsoon which started on August 17 has flooded large parts of Sindh.

Indis river in high flood

Indus River has been in high flood at Guddu and Sukkur barrages for last one week as the river raging with flood waters of above five Lac cusecs while entering in Sindh.

Flooding water pressing protective dykes, while people of the katcha area shifting to safer places.

Indus river has been in high flood at Guddu barrage with the water inflow and outflow measured 5,12,000 cusecs and at Sukkur barrage water inflow and outflow has been measured 5,30,750 cusecs.

The river has been in medium flood in downstream at Kotri Barrage with 3,53,063 cusecs.



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