Imran Khan says ‘fresh polls only solution to end instability’

Imran Khan, fresh polls, disqualification

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan said Friday that fresh election is the sole solution to end political and economic instability in the country, ARY News reported.

While talking to a private news channel, Imran Khan said that his disqualification was not a solution to the issues but fresh elections.

He alleged that the current rulers wanted to hold elections after his disqualification. He further alleged that there is a nexus between the current rulers and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Khan, however, reiterated that political stability was impossible without holding fresh elections. “I believe in democracy and the only way to end instability in the country is fresh elections.”


“ECP had tried to support the incumbent government in Punjab by-polls but the nationals are now fully aware of everything. The current rulers are afraid and now, PDM [Pakistan Democratic Movement] can do what it wants to do but it cannot defeat me.”

Regarding the economic situation, the PTI chief criticised that ‘thieves’ have been imposed on the country. “They toppled our government when the country was witnessing economic growth during PTI government.”

“The nation has seen the poor performance of the incumbent government as the current rulers cannot bring the country out of the crisis. IMF [International Monetary Fund] has also rejected to show confidence in the weak government.”

The former premier said that debts and inflation are continuously rising, whereas, the government failed to end the rupee depreciation against the US dollar despite getting loan from the IMF.

Imran Khan has announced to unveil his future strategy in the forthcoming Gujranwala jalsa on Saturday.

Imran Khan said in a Twitter message, he said that Gujranwala public meeting will be the last of the present phase of ‘Haqiqi Azadi [real independence] Movement. I will announce the next critical phase at the [Gujranwala] jalsa.

“Imported government and its handlers are so petrified that nation is standing firmly behind PTI they are desperately moving on Minus 1 formula,” he added.



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