Sindh CM rescued after boat runs out of fuel in flood water

Sindh CM boat out of fuel, Sindh CM rescue, Sehwan flood

SEHWAN: Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah faced extreme trouble after his boat ran out of fuel amid flood water during his visit to the flood-affected areas of Sehwan, ARY News reported on Monday.

A video has surfaced which showed Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah reaching Bagh-e-Yousuf point via a boat. The motor boat suddenly turned off after running out of fuel. Some staffers stepped into deep water and tried to start the boat by pushing it.

Due to negligence of the district and local administration, Sindh CM’s boat was turned off twice in the flood water. Later, another boat was sent to rescue CM Murad Ali Shah from the flood water in Sehwan.

Following the incident, the Opposition Leader in the Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said that CM Shah reached his constituency but his boat ran out of fuel amid flood water. He alleged that the local administration even stole the fuel allocated for CM’s visit.

He criticised that such corrupt people would not even leave the relief items like tents, ration bags, mosquito nets and others. “Ineligible and failed Sindh government was not less than a disaster for the province,” Sheikh slammed.

The district administration rejected the veracity of the incident.

The CM spokesperson clarified that Murad Ali Shah was visiting the flood-affected areas without any special arrangements and the empty fuel tank of the boat proved that he was paying visits to the areas without any special arrangements.

The spokesperson added that it is time to reach the nationals amid flood disasters.


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