Passenger creates trouble on PIA flight, starts kicking aircraft’s window

PIA flight passenger, PIA flight scuffle

KARACHI: A passenger created extreme trouble on a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Peshawar-Dubai flight as he suddenly started punching seats and kicking the aircraft’s window, ARY News reported.

Sources told ARY News that a passenger started scuffling with the crew on the Peshawar-Dubai flight and unusual activities on PIA’s PK-283 flight. It was learnt that he also damaged the aircraft’s window by kicking it.

He later resorted to punches and kicks on the seats and then laid down on the floor. The flight attendants tried to control him but he then attacked them as well.

Sources said that after the scuffle, the passenger was tied to his seat in accordance with aviation law. The captain of the flight contacted the air traffic controller of Dubai and sought security.

After landing at Dubai airport, the passenger was taken into custody by security officials. The incident took place on September 14 and the traveller was immediately deported from the same flight.

According to the PIA officials, the traveller was blacklisted by the airline.




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