‘Brahmastra’ director says Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo was like ‘Iron Man’

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Bollywood film Brahmastra – Part One: Shiva’s director Ayan Mukerji said the tone of Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo was similar to Hollywood flick Iron Man.

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Shah Rukh Khan played the role of scientist Mohan Bhargav in the film starring couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

Ayan Mukerji, in an interview, said the scene in which Chak De India star is in his laboratory gave Iron Man vibes.


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“If you actually look closely, you will see the tonality of that scene is a little bit Iron Man-like. We always thought Vanarastra will always exist in the world of science, which is why we have shown him to be a scientist,” he said.

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He went on to say that the tonality of the scene is different from the rest of the film. 

Brahmastra has a romance between Shiva and Isha, it has some sincerity in its tonality. But Shah Rukh Khan is kind of a hero, cracking jokes. So, I knew that that tonality is different, even when we were shooting it, we were like this is very exciting. We were also having fun while shooting that part as it was very playful,” he said.

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Ayan Mukerji revealed that Brahmastra‘s makers are thinking of making a spin-off project of the character. He hinted that it may tell its origins. 

“Before the fans were saying it, we were also saying that ourselves. When we were shooting the sequence in 2019, we were also saying on sets. As we discovered the personality of the scientist, we said, ‘Yaar, we have to do stuff. We have to do the origin story of the scientist!’”

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