VIRAL: Man loses brother to snakebite, dies of snakebite just hours later

snakebite, brother, hours

A 22-year-old man named Govind Mishra lost his life due to a snakebite, just hours after attending his brother’s funeral, who had died of a snakebite too.

The deceased Govind was bit by a poisonous snake while he was asleep in his house in the Bhawanipur village of India.

Govind’s brother Arvind died last Tuesday due to a snake bite and his funeral was held on Wednesday. Govind’s death from snakebite was confirmed by the police the following day, just two days after the death of his older brother in his hometown in Ludhiana, Punjab.

“Govind Mishara was killed after being bitten by a snake in his sleep. One of the relatives of the family, Chandrashekar Pandey, 22, who was in the same house, was also bitten by a snake,” police officer Radha Raman Singh explained.

According to the police, the specie of snake that killed the brothers is still unknown. However, there are four kinds of snakes in India that can generally be this dangerous – the common krait, saw-scaled viper, Russell’s viper and Indian cobra.

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The above-mentioned four species account for around 90% of all snakebites in the country and it is estimated that between 81,000 and 138,000 deaths occur every year in India, the WHO said.



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