Malir Shamsi Society murders: ‘Suspect’ records statement to police

Malir Shamsi Society murders, Fawad statement

KARACHI: The wounded man – the prime suspect in the Malir’s Shamsi Society brutal murders recorded his initial statement before the police officials on Tuesday, ARY News reported.

The man who allegedly stabbed his wife and three daughters to death in Malir’s Shamsi Society and got seriously injured while trying to end his life recorded his statement before the police.

The police investigators adopted a new technique to record the testimony of the injured man who is unable to speak for at least one month. Police said that the ‘suspect’ namely Fawad recorded his initial statement by typing the text on a mobile phone.


According to Fawad, he was also running a trading business with the collaboration of some investors besides doing a job in which he faced losses, whereas, he and his wife usually fights at home. Fawad said that he was totally fed up with his life.

The investigators said that the injured man was apparently facing extreme pressure from the investors after the financial loss.

Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Korangi Sajid Sadozai, while talking to ARY News programme 11th Hour, said Fawad regained consciousness after some time and his initial statement was recorded by police. He said that the suspect was depressed after facing back-to-back financial losses in the trading business.

Sadozai said Fawad had an argument with his wife in the morning and he became angry with his daughter who was continuously crying in the house. He detailed that Fawad murdered his daughter first and later killed his wife. Later, he went to the second room where he murdered his two daughters.


In the terrorising incident, Fawad made a video call to a creditor and later slit his own throat using the same knife. The police officer said that the suspect was extremely worried after the creditor demanded his money back.

“Fawad also telephoned his brother Farhan who is living abroad while Faraz is his younger brother. Farhan tried to contact his younger brother Faraz’s wife who is residing on the ground floor of the same house. Faraz’s wife and mother knocked on the door of Fawad’s gate which was not opened.”

“The family members informed the police station after becoming aware of the incident. The bodies were recovered after breaking the doors of Fawad’s rooms.”

The police officer said that Fawad will be interrogated after he regains consciousness.

Earlier in the day, a man namely Fawad brutally murdered his wife and three daughters in Malir’s Shamsi Society after locking up the upper floor of the house. The slain persons included Fawad’s wife Huma, 10-year-old Samra, 12-year-old Fatima and 16-year-old Neha. After murdering the family members, Fawad tried to end his life as well.



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